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Corporate Governance

Catena Media p.l.c (the “Company” or “Catena Media”) is a Maltese public limited liability company listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 4 September 2017. The Company has its registered office and head office in Malta. In a Maltese public limited liability company that is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm such as Catena Media, governance, management and control is divided between the shareholders, the Board of Directors, the CEO and the rest of the group management in accordance with applicable laws, rules and instructions.

Good corporate governance is concerned with ensuring that the Company is managed as sustainably, responsibly and effectively as possible for all shareholders. The overall objective is to increase the value for the shareholders and thereby meet the shareholders’ requirements on invested capital. Achieving this objective requires decision-making that is effective and creates value through a clear distribution of roles and areas of responsibility.

Corporate Governance Report

To access our official corporate government reports, please click the links shown below. Reports are presented in pdf format and are downloadable for your convenience.

Corporate Governance Reports


Corporate Governance Report 2021

Corporate Governance Report 2020

Corporate Governance Report 2019

Corporate Governance Report 2018

Corporate Governance Report 2017

Corporate Governance Report 2016