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Catena Media has three main financial targets for 2023-2025

1. Revenue in North America of USD 125 million in 2025, which is equivalent to a compound annual organic growth rate of 12 percent from 2022.

2. Adjusted EBITDA margin in North America exceeding 50 percent in 2025.

3. Net interest-bearing debt/adjusted EBITDA within the span of 0-1.75x.

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Catena Media's strategy commits the group to growth, meaning that dividends may be low or not occur at all in the medium term. Dividend payments will be at the board's discretion, and no date has been set for any future payment. For the financial year ended 31 December 2022, the board proposes to the annual general meeting that no dividend will be paid. The board has a long-term ambition to distribute a maximum of 50 percent of profit after tax as dividends.