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A good corporate citizen

We believe all companies share an obligation to conduct themselves as good corporate citizens. For Catena Media, this involves going beyond ensuring the sustainability of our own business model. It also means addressing the wider operating environment – the sector we operate in, our key stakeholders such as our employees, and the natural environment and its resources.

Sustainability report

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Materiality at Catena Media

In 2023, we initiated a double materiality assessment to identify the most important focus areas for our sustainability efforts. As mandated by the up-and-coming Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), this process entails both understanding the business’s impact on its environment, and how the business may be affected by a changing operating context. Through mapping the activities and engaging with different stakeholders, this far we have identified some of the most material topics, which include: 

  • Anti-corruption and anti-money laundering 
  • Diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace 
  • Attracting, developing, rewarding and retaining employees 
  • Customer responsibility, especially ethical marketing 
  • Safe storage and transparent management of customer data


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Sustainability framework

We base our sustainability agenda on a robust framework that helps us integrate sustainable development more deeply in the organisation, prioritising areas where we can maximise our impact. We are a proud member of the UN Global Compact. We also adhere to the Nasdaq ESG Guide and the Maltese Companies Act's sustainability governance and framework provisions. Internally, our sustainability council, comprising members of the board of directors and executive management, performs an important coordinating role. The council develops and follows up on the sustainability strategy. It also updates the board every quarter on progress and strategy implementation. The council consists of two non-executive directors and the CEO, CFO and Chief Human Resources Officer.


Responsible business


Responsible employer


Environmental responsibility

A responsible business with high ethical standards

We aim to be the difference we want to see in the world. That means being a caring employer, a trusted business partner and a visionary and responsible company. To get there, we seek to set the benchmark standard in our industry through strong anti-bribery, anti-corruption and other policies while applying robust governance through an active and diverse board of directors.


A responsible employer that fosters trust and transparency

We aspire to be a responsible employer with a clearly defined company culture built on trust and transparency and which values respect, support, diversity and equal opportunities. We take a people-first approach and actively endorse and promote a healthy work-life balance for all employees.

A responsible company taking environmental responsibility

Catena Media’s remote-first and hybrid working setup means the organisation has a relatively small environmental footprint. Our ambition is nevertheless to work actively to reduce environmental impacts on a continuing basis, for example by offsetting our greenhouse gas emissions and by considering environmental impacts in our decision-making.


Our policies

To access our official policies, please click on the links shown below. Policies are presented in pdf format and are downloadable for your convenience. 


IT Policy

Insider Policy

Information Security Policy

Human Resources Policy

Finance Policy

Equal Opportunities and Dignity at Work Policy

Data Protection Policy

Corporate Governance Policy

Communications and Disclosure Policy

Code of Conduct Policy

Anti-corrpution and Bribery Policy