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Catena Media is a leading provider of high-value leads for operators of online casino and sports betting platforms in North America and selected markets. Our growth story is poised to unfold further as we expand more broadly across these regions and deepen our penetration of national and regional markets.

Catena Media is ready to grow


In the online casino gaming segment, we provide attractive and informed content, insight and offers that connect people interested in slots, poker, blackjack and other casino games with selected platform operators. 


Sports betting

Our online sports betting content delivers information on sports teams, individuals, and fixtures to inform and guide sports, fantasy sports and esports betting enthusiasts towards the right offers from online operators.


Catena Media is a global growth leader in the fast-moving online sports betting and casino gaming market. The industry data monitor Eilers & Krejcik projects that the US online sports betting and casino sector will generate USD 14.9 billion in gross revenue in 2023, rising to USD 27.1 billion by 2027. The US and Canada is our largest market and we also have a sizeable presence in Japan and Europe, along with on-the-ground readiness for emergent opportunities in Latin America.

Market penetration in North America


The charts above display the current percentages of the total adult population based on management’s assessment (for Canada, only Ontario) in North America with access to legalised online sports betting or casino. These figures highlight the substantial untapped potential in the market, as many states have yet to legalise these activities, indicating significant long-term growth opportunities.



Projected US online gross gaming revenue 2023-2027



Data from Eilers & Krejcik Gaming Estimates January 2023. Projections in 2023 USD.



North America map

North America

The United States and Canada have grown rapidly in recent years to become our largest market. Almost half of all US states have legalised online sports betting and a smaller number also regulate casino gaming. We provide content for sports bettors and casino and poker players in numerous states – from Michigan to New Jersey, New York to Pennsylvania and Ohio to Arizona. In 2022, Ontario became the first Canadian province to legalise both online sports betting and casino gaming. The potential for future growth is clear given that California, Texas and Florida – the three most populous US states – have yet to approve online sports betting or casino gaming.



Catena Media's primary focus in Asia is Japan, a market with significant growth potential. We are actively developing our market-specific expertise to capitalise on the opportunities in this country, with a primary focus on casino gaming. We have also launched sports betting in Japan and established a presence in esports, a new and exciting market segment with high potential. We are committed to expanding our presence in Japan and other Asian markets and to profiting from future growth opportunities.


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Navigating a changing European landscape, our current path prioritises a concentrated and deep focus on the Italian market. This strategic decision has seen us exit a number of European markets over the years, redirecting resources and expertise to where our performance and returns are strongest. In Italy, we maintain our leading position through a mix of localised content production, savvy SEO strategies and brands finely tuned to the local audience.

Latin America

In Latin America we are steadily building a strong portfolio of brand assets, with close to 20 live websites. These are primarily in Brazil and in regulated markets including Colombia and Argentina. We are moving forward especially in performance marketing with a focus on sports betting, and are seeing aggressive growth in traffic. Investments are continuing in order to unlock the substantial growth potential we see ahead