Tech Committee

The Tech Committee currently comprises three members of the board of directors: Theodore Bergquist (Chairman of the committee), Austin Malcomb and Esther Teixeira Boucher.

The main responsibilities of the Tech Committee are to: 

  • Provide the Board of Directors such additional information and materials regarding the Development of the Tech function in the company that the Board of Directors may deem necessary; 
  • Report to the Board of Directors the activities of the Tech Committee at appropriate times and as otherwise requested by the Chairman of the Board of Directors; and 
  • Undertake such other duties as the Board of Directors may, from time to time, delegate to the Tech Committee. 

The goal is to establish a robust and scalable IT- and Data strategy, architecture and execution plan to support the group’s overall plan as well as the build-up of sustainable (IT enabled) competitive advantages, and to assist management in building up such capabilities."