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By Milica Kasapovic, Dijana Radunovic and Jovana Bursac - from Catena Media’s Global Division / AskGamblers team

For one of Catena Media’s flagship brands, AskGamblers, the 16th of June was a long-awaited date. After months of preparations, the 5th AskGamblers Awards was held in Belgrade, Serbia. La crême de la crême of the online gambling industry were honoured in a festive atmosphere.

The 5th AskGamblers Awards

Going into the 5th Awards evening, there was plenty of uncertainty: Who would win? Will everyone who said they would attend be there? Will everything work, especially after not hosting a show for two years? What will be the dress code?

Despite the uncertainties, the night of the Awards went beautifully! It was almost as though the last two years of acceptance speeches at home hadn't happened. Everyone looked spectacular, our partners and friends were in full attendance and best spirits, and the show lived up to everyone's expectations.

And while waiting for the winners' names to drop, we enjoyed the sound of cocktail glasses clinking, laughter, chat, and music gracefully filling the room.

The Night of Gambling Excellence

When it comes to those who work in iGaming and online casinos, it's no secret that the AskGamblers Awards Ceremony is a must-attend event for everyone in the business.

On the night, the victors are announced and congratulated for their hard work and dedication, as well as the heart and soul they've poured into their innovative endeavours. At the same time, industry leaders from all over the world travel to Serbia to find out if they've won or not, and then to lavishly celebrate both their own and others' achievements!

Throughout the year, the AskGamblers Awards Ceremony takes centre stage at the AskGamblers HQ, and with such magnitude that each and every aspect of the event must be planned immaculately. Our colleagues and friends from all over the world and Europe deserve the best, and we give our best to deliver it.

Always Thinking of Those Less Fortunate

The AskGamblers crew have never been ones to rest on our laurels, and we are not afraid of throwing a party that'll make anyone else's party blush. But, in the same way we party, we think of others.

On 15 June, the AskGamblers Charity Night took place, gathering a number of well-known industry names and AskGamblers members, respectively.

The goal of the Charity Night, like every year, was to raise money for those in need and our amazing partners delivered! During the Charity Night, we raised a total of €60,300 that will get diverted to the appointed charities, to be announced during September, our official Charity Month.

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