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  5. Regarding the Swedish government bill on gambling regulation

The government recently issued a bill proposing regulations in the Swedish gambling market. The greatest change that the proposal would entail is that all companies providing gambling in Sweden would need a license to continue operating. Those who remain unlicensed will be suspended, and the regulation will also apply to online gambling providers. The government has chosen to present the proposals to regain control of the gambling market and, above all, to strengthen consumer protection and limit the negative effects of gambling. A new criminal charge of gambling cheating (Sw. spelfusk) is also being introduced to address the increasing problem of match fixing.

“The expanded regulations and proposed new legislation are welcome. The gambling industry in Sweden has long been in need of further regulation – and this will exclude irresponsible actors. Catena Media imposes high demands on its partners – and they impose high demands on us. We welcome the fact that online gambling will now be pervaded by increased quality and professionalism”. Says the CEO of Catena Media, Henrik Persson Ekdahl

Regarding the Swedish government bill on gambling regulation