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  5. Innovating to the Clouds – Catena Tech Soars to New Heights with AWS

In the dynamic and ever-changing realm of technology, Catena Media's team has once again raised the bar for innovation.

Recently, our tech and engineering teams enthusiastically dove into an Amazon Web Services (AWS) training and workshop, further solidifying our strategic partnership with the platform and commitment to excellence. During the training, the team leveled up their expertise and deep-dived into AWS, known to be the world’s most comprehensive cloud platform.

IMG_4388 (1)

Our team, now armed with AWS training, is positioned as experts in their respective engineering fields. At Catena, we recognise the pivotal role that training and learning play in cultivating a robust culture, and we are committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and data intelligence. Adopting AWS as a key platform enables us further to leverage technologies like AI and advanced data intelligence and propels us into the future of innovative and emerging technology. It is not just a tool. Instead, it is a strategic ally in our quest for cutting-edge solutions. 

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As we navigate the ever-expanding possibilities within the AWS ecosystem, our team is ready to push boundaries, unlock potential, and shape the future of AI, digital intelligence, and emerging technologies within our industry. In the spirit of innovation, we’re not merely adapting to change. We are engineering it to ensure that Catena Media remains a hub of ingenuity, creativity, and expertise.

Stay tuned as Catena Media engineers a future where innovation knows no bounds and soars to new heights!