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GG Shines at the Smart Betting Club Awards 2023

Celebrate good times; come on! 

We have some amazing news about our GG team at Catena Media. This talented group was recently nominated for several Smart Betting Club 2023 Awards. We are proud to announce that the team won two awards! 

The Smart Betting Club is an independent reviewer, monitor of tipster services, and reporter in the world of betting advice. 

These awards are important as they are based on the fundamental SBC principles of honesty, fairness, and independence, with no bookmark affiliations or advertising requirements to create biases. Because of this, these awards are a true judgment of the general betting public and SBC members and highlight the best of the best. 

Congratulations to the team for winning: 

Best Betting Podcast' with the Weekend Watch,
Best Free Tipster' went to our writer, Daryl Carter 

Also big shoutout to the team for being Runner-up in the following category:

Best Betting Video Content 

These awards are well-deserved, and the team’s hard work and passion for horse racing shows! Their commitment to representing the Catena Media values of innovation and expertise shines bright as they continue bringing users and bettors the best horse racing news, information, and entertainment all in one location. 

Cheers to our GG team! Keep up the great work.


For more information about GG, visit the website