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Catena Media joins the #BREAKTHEBIAS initiative FOR INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY. 

Catena Media and other gaming companies team up to collaborate on a ground-breaking International Women's Day project.

Catena Media, along with other betting and gaming industry leaders, are working together on a major campaign for International Women's Day 2022. Michael Daly and CEOs from other companies will appear in a series of videos, sharing shocking personal experiences of women working in the industry today. During this campaign, three short films will be released in anticipation of International Women's Day.

The project, conceived by NGO All In Diversity, and produced by 'Square in the Air’ seeks to highlight gender bias in the industry while offering resources for companies and individuals seeking support. 

Equality and diversity are core values of the company. This project was perfect for us to affirm our commitment and reaffirm our engagement with these key principles. We want to be proactive and change the rules of the game when it comes to gender equality, women's empowerment, and rights within our industry. 

Michael Daly said: "Joining this campaign was natural for Catena Media. Discussion around these issues are ongoing and we want to lead the change. We're privileged to have a huge number of incredibly talented and knowledgeable women among our team at Catena Media and, while things are starting to change for the better, the issues experienced by so many in the industry need to be fixed once and for all. This industry can only continue to thrive when all those working within it feel welcome and supported. We are so much better off for being a diverse company.”


We asked All-in Diversity’s Kelly Kehn and Square in the Air’s Stewart Starking a few questions: 

What were the motivations/reasons behind you starting this initiative?

"It felt to us as if the global gaming industry had undergone something of a transformation in the last two to three years, in part due to the pandemic and people opening their homes and private lives to work more than they ever had before.

"Coupled with a definite change in tone in social media that saw individuals and companies calling out unacceptable conduct much more readily, it seemed the time was right to 'up the ante' somewhat and attempt to build a collaboration with some of the biggest companies in the global industry.

"IWD has long been an opportunity for willing companies to showcase their diversity credentials. While we felt that this was still worth applauding, we believed there was more that could be done with regards to tackling gender bias. The survey submissions we received, and the experiences described, were a reminder that there is still much work to be done."

Did you anticipate a positive response from the companies/ industry?

"Well, we hoped for a positive response, for sure. The team at All-In Diversity has very close ties to the industry's biggest employers and, together, we were hopeful that those companies would respond positively.

"In truth, we were surprised by both the responses of those women submitting their very personal experiences and the huge support the campaign has received from the most influential companies and individuals in the global industry."

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Catena Media joins the #BREAKTHEBIAS initiative