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  5. Catena Media has three finalists at iGaming Idol Awards 2021 and is up for Employer of the Year

By Milica Kasapovic, Dijana Radunovic and Jovana Bursac - from Catena Media’s Global Division / AskGamblers team

Catena Media is nominated for Employer of the Year at iGaming Idol Awards 2021 and we also have three finalists up for individual awards in their fields. The awards ceremony will be held on the 20th of October and we have spoken to the finalists to find out what the nomination process was like.

Every year at iGaming Idol Awards, employers and employees have the chance to nominate their colleagues for individual awards. Based on the nominations, the juries pick ten nominees to interview.

The ten are then whittled down to three finalists. We have spoken to the three Catena Media colleagues who have been selected as the top three finalists in their role:

  • Roberta Galea - Designer Idol Of The Year
  • Patrick Tuohy - Finance Manager Idol Of The Year
  • Rebecca De Gaetano- HR Business Partner Idol Of The Year

Giddy and grateful nominees to confident finalists

When we asked the finalists what their feelings were on being nominated and landing a spot in the final three for their category, they expressed their pride and gratitude. Roberta Galea said that it was a great feeling to be “acknowledged for the hard work over the past two years. It is really amazing.”

Patrick Tuohy also highlighted the importance of having the support of people around him. He said: “I’m very thankful to all the support and encouragement I've had to get to this stage.”

A rigorous interview process

According to the iGaming Idol website the judges are looking for individuals who excel at understanding their area of expertise and how it adds value to their organisation. The winners of each category must also have initiated some improvement within their field and show general interest and knowledge on the iGaming industry.

The interview process was described by Patrick as “a judging day." He had to face a jury of VPs, directors and CEOs to make his case why he deserves to win this award based on his achievements. Rebecca De Gaetano talked about the interview and the time constraints: “The interview process is a challenge because you know that it is only 20 minutes long.”

“The judges asked about my story; a series of questions related to HR and the industry as well as a bonus question. The last one was a tricky one because it made you reflect and be concise and it probably took me the longest to answer.

Preparing to meet the jury

We asked our awards nominees for their tips on how to best prepare and handle interviews during the selection process. While the prospect of an interview can be daunting, our nominees have some great advice for anyone who will stand before the jury in the future.

Rebecca told us: "My advice is to jot down some keywords that will help keep on track when asked questions.” Roberta talked about the importance of staying on top of the latest industry developments: “Be prepared; understand your field, maybe read some articles and keep up to date with the industry as they will ask you specific questions.”

Patrick also wanted to encourage people to be confident and make an impact when talking about their achievements: “Don't be afraid to praise yourself and 'talk yourself up' in the interview. I always feel uncomfortable boasting about myself but it's beneficial for this interview.”

Employer of the Year shortlisting

Catena Media has been shortlisted in the Employer of the Year category. After winning the award four years ago and being a finalist in 2019, this is a continuous recognition of our accomplishments and commitment to our employees. As the nominations for Employer of the Year is based on employees taking part in a survey, we are grateful to everyone who took the time to participate and give their opinions.

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