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The Catena Academy program is designed to develop and empower Catena Media team members to lead by example, enhance leadership skills, and promote an inclusive culture where everyone can grow.

Climbing the Leadership Summit

Leadership is much like climbing a mountain; sometimes, it has no clear path. Stepping out of their comfort zones helps leaders achieve more and builds their skillsets and self-confidence.

 The Catena Academy Class of 2023 can attest to that after finishing their 2nd in-person leadership training in the Lake District of the United Kingdom. Not only did they hike over 30 miles, but they had to overcome obstacles and climb to the trail’s summit at one point during the trip. 

Andrew Champagne, Content Manager, Regional Sites, and Catena Academy participate, reflects on the experience and states, “To be honest: I’d never rock-climbed before in my life. I’m not exactly the world’s greatest, most-agile athlete, and seeing the mountain had me scared out of my mind. It wasn’t easy, and I had to push through many barriers to get through it, but looking back, it’s absolutely amazing we all did that. That’s something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

Much like leadership, the mountain proved to provide unexpected twists and turns. Maria Healey, Marketing Manager, and Catena Academy member, adds, “This was an opportunity to see how we operate in times of ambiguity and under stress. Each of us found ourselves in difficult situations and persevered on, even when we thought we weren't capable.” Beyond hiking, the team had a mix of classroom-style sessions, team-building activities, and time immersed in the outdoors. 

Creating a Culture Built on Values

At Catena Media, we stand by our core values of innovation, expertise, accountability, diversity, and integrity in everything we do. This program reinforces those values and equips our team with the right type of leadership tools and skills. We are proud of these emerging leaders who continue to learn, grow, and develop their potential.

Join Us on Our Mission

We are excited to see all that the Class of 2023 will accomplish and are proud to support them every step of the way. Join us on our mission to empower future leaders and create a better workplace for all.

Stay tuned as we follow the Catena Academy Class of 2023 journey!