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Catena Media's blue ribbon football publishing website, Squawka, has earned a 'Creator On The Rise’ badge from Youtube – highlighting the newly rebranded channel's impressive growth in 2019.

The badge is only awarded to a select number of channels, who are chosen directly by Youtube and used to promote the platform's most engaging, unique and informative videos via the trending tab .

Squawka subscription rates have increased by over 800% in recent months while the channel has amassed more than three million video views as the team continues to devise new ways to link up with professional players, amplify fan opinions and deliver unique statistical insight.

Squawka already boasts a huge reach on other popular social media platforms such as Twitter (910k) and Instagram (165k) and are successfully translating their instantly recognisable style of content to the world of video.

With regular engagement from players, pundits and a wide range of influential social media figures – amplification within the Catena Media network has ensured Squawka's videos are being seen and heard by the key figures in football.

Subscribe to Squawka's Youtube channel here.

Squawka earns ‘Creator On The Rise’ badge from Youtube