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Catena Media has cemented its position as a leader in the iGaming industry over the last ten years. Through continuous innovation, quality content creation, and a commitment to compliance and social responsibility, our global success can be attributed to many things. Most critically, though, Catena Media would be nothing without our people.

Our teams are full of skilled individuals dedicated to Catena Media's continued success. A few years ago, it became clear that we, as a company, needed to nurture our team members' expertise to help us retain & upskill our internal talent while supporting our growth. To answer this need, Catena Academy was created.

What is Catena Academy?

Catena Academy is much more than a leadership program. It's a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity. Last December, 30 applicants wished to enter the programme. Only 12 made the final selection. All

are from different locations, departments and roles and represent our company's diversity. For six months, this group of 12 underwent workshops, mentoring and coaching to help them develop their leadership skills.

The Catena Academy program is based around the Catena Media Leadership Model, which promotes leaders to lead by example, be actively engaged, have the right attitude, focus on team performance management and become effective communicators.

Why is Catena Academy essential for our company now more than ever?

At Catena Media, we have long prided ourselves on our flexible working policy. Since 2019, working styles have changed. Many of us now work remotely as part of teams that cross international borders or time zones. This shift has had a significant impact on how leaders manage their teams. How do they connect, motivate or identify needs when they do not share a

physical space? We recognise that we must provide fertile ground on which we can continue to build trust, growth and accountability. Catena Academy is the perfect program to help our teams thrive and nurture a positive working environment.

The Experience

Let's give the floor to our 2022 graduates, who can best explain the essence of Catena Academy.

Aleksandar Dašić, Content Strategy Lead, Global Brands was clear that Catena Academy was a 'life-changing experience, it has been truly enlightening and pushed me out of my comfort zone’.

During the past six months, our graduates had the 'amazing opportunity to build relationships with people they would not usually come into contact with', says Sam Long, Country Manager (UK & Ireland), 'it's not something you can encounter elsewhere in your career. It has proven to be very worthwhile’.

Valentina Giommoni, Head of SEO, explained how a group of colleagues who didn't know each other embarked on a transformative journey. With time, they created precious relationships based on honest sharing and profound conversations. The consensus is that they learned a lot about themselves and gained powerful knowledge and experience for their future.

Said Aleksandar, 'Those of us who have gone through the Academy may not immediately see the significance of everything we did. Nevertheless, what we have gained from this experience will undoubtedly help us overcome challenges and make the right decisions for our teams."

Congratulations to all of our 2022 Graduates!

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