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By Milica Kasapovic, Dijana Radunovic and Jovana Bursac - from Catena Media’s Global Division / AskGamblers team

Catena Media is now giving all employees the opportunity to devote their time to help others with paid volunteer days. The initiative is part of the Catena Cares programme and is aimed to support Catena Media employees who wish to get involved and support their local communities.

Following the definition of Catena Media’s core values, it was important to the company to take concrete actions as well as meet employee expectations. We were aware that many employees were already volunteering their spare time to local charities and organisations. With the launch of Volunteer Days, we want to support the passion that is already there as well as give the opportunity to those who would like to start volunteering.

In today’s hectic world, employees haven't got much time to devote to volunteering. For this reason, as part of the Catena Cares programme, all employees are now able to volunteer for two days per year, which will be fully paid. As part of the company's commitment to their workers' well-being and happiness, this policy makes it easy for everyone in the office to find ways to engage with causes they care about.

From donating food and clothes, visiting nursing homes, or litter picking in their neighbourhood. No matter how big or small their actions are, Catena Media seeks to support and encourage employees by giving them more opportunities to volunteer.Catena Media believes that giving time to a worthy cause as well as money can provide a heap of benefits. Volunteer Days are a win-win for staff and the company. It has been shown to benefit employees both personally and professionally while improving company culture at the same time.

Catena Media wants to help its people feel more connected with their community and give them a chance to feel more concerned about the company. A new study by Deloitte highlighted that employees who feel involved in Corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, such as Volunteer days,  are more likely to feel motivated by their work and stay with the company in the long term. The same study also found that employees who felt involved in CSR initiatives will very likely recommend the company as a great place to work.

For all these reasons Catena Media wants to make volunteering an everyday, normative part of the company's culture.


Paid days off for volunteering for all Catena Media employees