Jules Bazley Q&A

In order to get to know Jules and let him introduce himself, we asked him some questions about his professional values and leadership style.

Can you go through your past experience? 

Sure, I have been fortunate to work in and around affiliate and performance marketing for the majority of my career. It really is an amazing industry and has given me the opportunity to do something I am truly passionate about and has given me exposure to the entire digital space.  Over the years I have worked across networks, agencies, and advertisers as well as running a few publisher sites myself in my spare time.  Most recently for the last six years as Senior VP EMEA for CJ Affiliate. My focus has always been centered on creating a winning and collaborative work culture working to drive growth for the business whilst creating opportunities and progression for them and their teams. 

What are you looking forward to most in your role as VP EMEA at Catena Media?

As I get to know the team and leadership across Catena, it’s clear that we have an exceptional team with some extremely talented colleagues.  I am truly excited to get to know each of the team and hope to bring a level of energy, passion and new ideas that will not only help shape the next steps of our journey as a business but also create opportunities that will enhance our market share, drive additional revenue and create career progression opportunities across the team.  I can’t wait to meet the rest of the team and get started.

Can you sum up your management style in a sentence or two?

I am sure at some point each of us has been told to surround ourselves by people more talented than yourself and give them the tools they need to succeed - this has been a foundation of my management style and holds true if you consistently aspire to it.  I also believe success comes from a combination of Collaboration, Culture and Coaching and that by setting out clear objectives you can empower people to be their best self.  

What have you learned from failure?

Don’t be afraid to fail, but fail fast and be transparent with colleagues when things don’t work out (there is nothing worse than a cover-up).  Be sure to share learnings and avoid similar mistakes in the future - it’s a key part of progressing as an individual, team or business.

If you could pick one of CatenaMedia’s values, which one is most important to you?

Catena Media’s values are all important, but if I had to choose one that stands out for me it would have to be ‘accountability’.  Exceptional teams rely on each person delivering and being accountable for what they bring to their role and projects they work on and if each of us gives 100% and is accountable for what they do, we can really make things happen.