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Lead generation giant, Catena Media, has successfully boosted its U.S. portfolio with two new markets following the legalisation of online sports betting in Virginia as well as online sports and casino betting in Michigan.

Catena Media wasted zero time in preparing for the openings of these states and has already secured vendor registrations for both and also has been building sites in expectation of the launches.

The international company is now comfortably set to take the top spots for both sport and casino in Michigan, the 10th largest state -by population- in the U.S. and dominant position in sports in Virginia, which will further boost its position as the number one affiliate in the US.

Virginia’s Online Sports Betting market went live on Thursday, 21st January, and Michigan followed suit on Friday, 22nd January.

This follows a federal ban on sports betting being revoked in 2018, meaning that states were free to choose their own laws on the matter.

As the United States regulatory changes around online gambling have gained momentum over the years, Catena Media has diligently worked to prepare itself for every state launch.

In fact, the company’s forward-thinking U.S. team created its first Michigan-focused affiliate site ‘’ all the way back in 2018.

Michael Daly, Vice President North America, said: “Catena Media’s North America team is excited about not just one, but two states, Michigan and Virginia, reaching fruition in their online sports betting process by going live last week.

“For Catena Media, it is just another step, albeit a large one, in our journey with those states, which began in 2018 when we first launched”

These aren’t the first examples of Catena Media being prepared for new states legalising online sports betting. When the Pennsylvania market opened in 2019, the affiliate company was able to utilise years of preparation to go live with multiple casinos and sportsbook operators.

Catena Media Expands U.S. Portfolio After Launching In Michigan and Virginia