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On July 17th, Catena Media starts driving traffic to our first online casino partner going live in Pennsylvania. Following the launch of the Pennsylvania market, websites operated by Catena Media are now adding market leading online casinos to their list of operators.

Catena Media was the first affiliate to go live in Pennsylvania for online sportsbooks earlier this summer and has been building websites and dominating rankings in the state for the past few years for search words related to online sportsbook and casino

Catena Media’s US General Manager, Michael Daly, says “Catena Media’s US and global teams have been working hard in preparation for this day for a long time. Thanks to the team’s work, sites like are top ranking for key search terms related to this new online casino business.”

Catena Media’s Pennsylvania focused websites are filled with useful information and answers to questions that players in Pennsylvania are asking. These top ranking websites and their useful content opens up for potential new traffic to Catena Media’s partners.

At launch, Catena Media is working with new operators who are specific to Pennsylvania and operators that Catena Media has worked with for years in New Jersey, who are now entering Pennsylvania. During the coming weeks, Catena Media expects to add more operators and partners as the state goes live.

Catena Media drives affiliate traffic for Online Casino in Pennsylvania