International Charity day, Catena Media Volunteers Day


Launched last year, Catena Media's ‘Volunteer Day’ initiative allows all employees to devote their time to helping others, get involved with, and support, their local communities

International Charity Day 2022 seems the perfect occasion to outline some of the incredible experiences our team members have had over the past year while giving their time to a cause of their choice. Catena Media employees who have already taken advantage of this perk agree that the experience was a great opportunity and would recommend it to anyone.

Volunteering and Diversity

As a global company, all of our team members come from different backgrounds and cultures and speak a variety of languages. Diversity is one of Catena Media's most important values, directly impacting where our peers are volunteering. Some of these experiences are unusual.

Our UK Office & HR coordinator, Jordan Fielder-Davis, dedicated her time to Hero's charity, an ex-racehorse rehoming centre. As an ex-racehorse owner & avid rider, Jordan was already aware of the fantastic work carried out by this charity and went on to have an absolute blast in the stables.

In the US, Sherry Nilemo (Senior HR Generalist) & an anonymous team member also chose to use their volunteer day for something close to their hearts. Sherry spent time at the FBI Citizens Academy, where she learnt about it’s purpose and function (Joint Terrorism Weapons of Mass Destruction, Violent Crimes & Violent Crimes against children, Cyber Security, Counter Intelligence, Trafficking, Evidence response Team, Civil Rights Crimes, Victims Assistance program). She also got to participate in some exercises. Sherry chose to dedicate time to this charity for two reasons - her desire to be a positive advocate of the law, and to support a close family member who is an agent.

Another Catena Media employee was already actively involved with a charity working to support survivors of domestic violence and murdered and missing indigenous women. Because of their own personal experiences, they wanted to continue supporting this incredibly worthy charity, and used their volunteer days to partake in a specialist training course which will enable them to volunteer with the group on a more regular basis'.

Meanwhile, in Canada, Julian Walmsley, our Head of Sports Partnerships in North America, used his volunteer day to care for rescue animals with KSAR, a veterinary clinic and animal rescue. He took time to walk dogs and pets in need of affection while waiting to be placed in forever homes or foster homes.

Meanwhile, in Malta, we had a super motivated Catena Media team roll up their sleeves and join over 80 volunteers at the iGen Beach Cleanup Malta in support of World Oceans Day.

What’s Next?

These are just a few examples of how our team members have used their volunteer days. Many of them thoroughly enjoyed these experiences and were delighted to have time to partake in them as part of their working life. They will continue their involvement in the charities they already picked or will continue helping their community in other ways. Environmental protection, animal welfare, fight against abuse, racism & crime, there are so many possibilities and so many opportunities to get involved in! In today's hectic world, time is precious & devoting time to volunteering should be hassle-free for any Catena Media team members. As a company, we want to promote a positive impact, and everything we do should be with this goal in mind. For all these reasons, Catena Media wants to make volunteering an everyday, normative part of the company's culture.

To be continued...