Catena Media joins iGaming operators and Bolt Food to deliver meals to hospital staff in Malta


Catena Media’s in-house chef team will start delivering meals to St Luke’s hospital in Malta together with Bolt Food. Starting this week, the team of chefs will work in pairs to prepare meals for 65 hospital staff at the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate, who are currently working 12 hour shifts.

Last week HR Connect, a network group for Human Resources professionals, sent out an appeal to companies with in-house kitchens and chefs to help deliver meals to hospital staff at St Luke’s hospital. Staff from the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate are currently working 12 hour shifts because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, with little access to healthy, filling food.

Catena Media’s team of chefs responded immediately and prepared to go back to work to support health professionals pulling long shifts at the hospital because of the current crisis. Catena Media together with ComeOn and L&L Europe will deliver food from their own kitchens every day of the week with the help of Bolt Food.

Patrick Mangion, Head Chef at Catena Media said: “All hospital staff are putting their health on the line, working for the good of the community. Cooking is something me and my team love and doing this little gesture is nothing compared to what they are doing for us.”

Catena Media usually serves around 200 lunches every day to its staff in Malta but because of the current situation, all employees are working from home.