A growth mindset: SEO at Catena Media


With over 1,200 brands providing content for 5 million readers a week worldwide, managing and growing our search presence is a core function of our business. Thanks to the expertise of our SEO specialists, we can plan and innovate for success, better anticipate the changing landscape of algorithms and react faster to the unforeseen.

As the North American gaming market explodes, we check in with the fastest growing team in the world’s fastest growing market, to find out what life is like in our SEO teams.

Life at the forefront of search

SEO Manager Rollan Budi has been working for two years in the Revenue Team on operator reviews for the North American market. “The North American market has been experiencing huge growth for the last two years, and it will only get bigger as more American states and Canadian provinces legalize online gambling. There are so many opportunities to do impactful work.”

Jack Verweij is an SEO Team Lead in the UK Sports team within the EMEA Division, distance runner and self-confessed substandard joke-teller. “Our job as an affiliate is to deliver relevant, converting traffic to our operator partners. We harness our industry knowledge and experience to build websites and brands that create engaging, ranking and converting content that meets the needs of our target users. With new markets opening, features, regulations, brands and competitions and games there are always new terms to rank for and new goals to hit.”

Whatever your role, says Rollan, variety is key to staying engaged and growing as an SEO pro. “We work on a large portfolio of websites spanning multiple markets and product categories. We get to work with a wide range of SEO tools to achieve our goals. That experience adds huge value to your skillset as an SEO professional.”

The value of a good culture

In a competitive job market where strong candidates are in the driving seat, workplace culture is a trending topic, and supportiveness is a feature of life at Catena highlighted often. “Catena has a collaborative culture” says Rollan “and supportive, curious managers.” Jack agrees when it comes to collaboration, and also appreciates the “flexible and nurturing culture, with managers that are knowledgeable and motivating.”

Duško Balenović is an SEO Analytics team lead in our Global Brands Division who metabolizes the data and turns numbers into stories that can propel stronger, more innovative business decisions. For him, the right culture comes through example. “Our leaders are approachable and trustworthy, and that helps create a genuine, open and innovative environment.”

What it takes to win

SEO smarts aside, Rollan and his colleagues need a broad range of skills to ensure they do their best work, especially given the largely remote working model. “You need the ability to prioritize, work with qualitative and quantitative data, and communicate well with the team.”

Determination is a key part of the skillset that Duško believes is crucial to success at Catena. “I’d say you need persistence, as well as an interest in data and storytelling, and above everything else, curiosity”.

Why Catena?

The chance to work remotely with the industry’s top lead generation firm has sealed the deal for many of Catena’s search experts, yet each of our team has their own reason for getting up in the morning.

To Jack, personal growth and valuable opportunity are the big draw. “You’ll be joining a settled, ambitious and very knowledgeable team led by motivational leaders who are experts in their fields and empower you to grow as a professional. SEO is at the forefront of the company's present and future, so you’ll be a decision maker in one of the most vital areas of the company.”
For Duško, it’s the opportunity to explore cutting-edge tools and platforms that sets Catena apart. “You get to trailblaze new strategies, and learn from other experienced SEO experts. The unpredictability of the future always leaves space for envisioning novel solutions and approaches. Catena Media is the place where you can put your innovative side to the test.”

Want a piece of the action?

Catena Media is growing fast and we’re always on the lookout for SEO talent. If you want to work in an exciting market, with a culture that helps you be the best version of you, see what positions we’re hiring for, or get on our radar by sending us your CV! As Duško says, “if you’re the type who gets excited reading what makes other SEO professionals tick, then you’re one of us.”