Lead Architect


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The Lead Architect, with proven software development experience, is responsible for designing and executing software solutions to address business needs. The Software Architect, being a lead part of our global architectural team, will manage and execute on realizing technical proof of concepts for our global platforms, while managing the architectural teams and supporting development teams in getting up to speed and aligned with the technical vision of the company. The Lead Architect reports to the Head of R&D and guides the global tech roadmap towards the global technical vision. The Lead Architect will also aid the Development Managers in process optimization for the teams.


  • Based in Malta, the Lead Architect works within our Global Tech Teams and alongside the techops, development teams and other business units whilst being responsible for the overall systems designs of applications, ensuring they meet functional and non-functional requirements. The Architect team, together with the Development Manager, will be able to set the direction of the systems design, development and methods used by the development team    

  • You will own and lead the software architecture, systems design and implementation to ensure that it meets the Functional and Non-Functional requirements set for design and deliver scalable architectures across environments, through existing and potentially emerging technologies
  • Provide architectural oversight and guidance to product delivery cycles
  • Work alongside internal stakeholders to develop the role of architecture within the organisation
  •  Define/apply and enforce the usage of modern engineering best practices and automated application lifecycle management approaches including: configuration management (SCM, branching strategies, release strategies),build and dependency management, continuous integration (CI) and deployment, automated testing (Unit, Functional, Integration, Performance and Acceptance) and quality reporting (Code coverage, standards compliance, systems complexity/heuristics)
  •  Manage the Global architectural team to help drive both tech innovation and vision and aid in technology proof of concepts following the technology vision
  •  Support Development Managers in the building of efficient and effective development teams for the Internal Tech Department
  • Partner with the development teams and be an evangelist in realising and driving towards the technology vision
  • Ensure the Global Architecture team has the technical skills and scale to cater for the business needs through hiring as well as constant learning & research
  • Travel to other Catena Offices to build relationships, transfer skills and evangelise solutions.
  • Travel o high profile conferences as an attendee/speaker to promote the culture of technical excellence and continuous learning
  •  Be available to support on call teams during critical failures outside office hours
  • Develop practices within the global Architecture team to ensure: knowledge management, transparency of team operations to stakeholders, contingency planning, availability for development teams to contribute to architecture

  • Extensive experience as a solution architect with excellent software design skills within a technology environment
  • Degree in Computing Sciences or Information Technology is considered an asset
  •  Hands-on experience and understanding of enterprise technology architectures
  • Strong understanding of Systems Design, technologies and complete systems layers including web technology, apis, events, queues, databases and also development paradigms from monolithic to microservice etc
  •  Microservices Architecture experience is considered an asset
  • Experience designing, building and documenting APIs
  • Knowledge of programming techniques such as test-driven development, continuous integration, code coverage, static analysis
  • Working understanding of infrastructure platforms and middleware
  • Experience with project quality techniques including planning, risk management and decision making
  • With your extensive architecture background, you must have enterprise level documentation skills
  • Ability to guide individuals along a potential architectural career technology path while aligning them with the company technology vision
  • Solid Agile experience is a MUST
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely across technology and business teams.
  • Ability to Manage teams across offices