Unless you do good, you don’t feel good and can’t be good. Corporate Social Responsibility is more than written promises. It is an active commitment to ethics, values and compassion – giving back, not only to our shareholders and employees, but to the world and the community in which we operate and thrive. As a growing company within a modern industry, we believe in assuming responsibility by contributing to the well-being and development of those around us, always flying the flag for equality, diversity and a clean environment.

CSR at Catena Media

There are different aspects to consider with CSR. One can always question why we do things, and what kind of impact we actually achieve. Instead of asking ourselves, we do things. We like to see action and results. In all perspectives, great and small. Internally within our community, and externally with regard to the environment that we will turn over to the next generation. As a multicultural company, we have to be open minded to diversity of opinion and cannot take anything or anyone for granted. The management has a great responsibility to lead the way and set an example. Not only for the future of the company, but also from an investment and client perspective.

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“Planetary CSR” at Catena Media

We could call it environmental awareness, but as we are all citizens of the same world and water, soil, air and resources are intertwined in the aggregate wellbeing of Mother Earth, we prefer to refer to as our planetary conscience and responsibility. Looking to nature for the creation of a sustainable ecosystem, Catena Media participates in a variety of meaningful projects.

We need to sustain the people within the confines of our company, enabling them to grow. By offering a challenging role, sense of ownership and rewards, they can grow and flourish and consequently the company will grow.

Being a relatively young company, populated with young talent, it is easy to attract interest, understanding and dedication to environmental issues. The people at Catena Media are hopeful and enthusiastic by nature. There’s a collective spirit and awareness that the time for action is today – not tomorrow. In many regards our employees are sharing the same journey, fully aware that their journey can (and will) change them. But also mindful of the fact that they can change the journey.


Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something. Catena Media is involved in several projects on different levels to reduce the company’s environmental footprint.

Earth Day’s “Clean Up Malta”

The island of Malta, where the company HQ is located, is a potential tourist paradise with record breaking number of sun days per year. And the ubiquitous access to sea and beaches. Lacking the proper infrastructure for recycling, Malta suffers from littering.
Catena plays an active role in a project that aims to unite people in Malta who wants to take a stand for a clean environment. Every year we come together on one day to collect garbage across the island. And the amount collected is mindboggling.

Malta Office Solar Panel Project

We are striving to transform our HQ-office into a green, energy positive building. By installing solar panels on the entire roof (at considerable cost) we will be able to produce more energy than we consume.

Minimize water consumption

In Malta, fresh water is a scarcity. The installment of “circular showers” in the office gym is a visionary way of saving water. Thanks to revolutionary water purification technology, the water is collected, purified and returned to the shower head, thus reducing the total volume of water used for every shower. It is a rational thing to do, but also sends a clear message to everybody about the importance of saving precious water. The ripple effect of this is needless to mention. It highlights an important issue and creates universal awareness.