Executive Management

Michael Daly

Hired April 24, 2018. Vice President North America April 2018 – February 2021. CEO as of 1 March 2021

Born: 1972

Other assignments: Board of Advisors – Context Networks.

Previous assignments: General Manager – US: Catena Media;  Executive Vice President: GAN;  Chief Executive Officer: Automated Cash Systems;  Vice President Online Gaming: SHFL entertainment;  Lieutenant: U.S. Navy.

Education: Massachuesetts Institute of Technology, University of Utah Eccles Business School.

Own and closely associated holdings: 367,222 Share options/Warrants.

Peter Messner

Hired 1 April 2020. Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Born: 1976

Other assignments: –

Previous assignments: CFO MTGx (Modern Times Group MTG AB), Director Corporate Development and Acting CFO at Ongame Services AB, several management roles at bwin Interactive Entertainment AG.

Education: PhD in Social and Economic Sciences from the University of Vienna, Austria, as well as a Master in Economics and Computer Science from Vienna University of Technology. 

Own and closely associated holdings: 100,000 Shares, 66,780 Warrants 2020/2024 (CTM T01), 12,621 Capital Securities (CATME H01) and 140,000 Share options/Warrants.

Nigel Frith

Hired 23 April 2018. Vice President - Financial Services and Business Optimisation

Born: 1972

Other assignments: –

Previous assignments: General Manager Financial Services Catena Media, Global General Manager FXcompared.com LLC, Head of Consumer Finance Inspire Digital Ltd, Chief Executive Officer Simply Media Publishing LLC.

Education: Oxford College ONC – Mechanical Engineering Diploma.

Shares: –

Warrants/Share options: 202,222 share options.

Chris Welch

Hired 21 January 2020. Vice President - Sports

Born: 1964

Other assignments: –

Previous assignments: CW Consulting, CEO PKR Technologies Ltd, CMO easyproperty (eProp Ltd), Group Director Poker ( bwin.party digital entertainment PLC), CMO Partygaming Plc, MD Europe Centrebet Pty Ltd, MD LoudVision Marketing and PR (UK) Ltd, Group Marketing Director PokerStars, Marketing Director PinnacleSports, Marketing Director UK Coral Eurobet 

Education: BSc Management at Aston University Specialism in Marketing.

Own and closely associated holdings: 155,000 Share options/Warrants

Hamish Brown

Hired 3 February 2020. Vice President - Casino

Born: 1972

Other assignments: –

Previous assignments: Twenty years of gaming industry experience including with three Australian Gaming Machine Manufacturers. A decade of iGaming experience driving content development and distribution. Executive management in both private and public sector, driving growth and managing the rapid-scale of global businesses in highly regulated markets. Former GM, COO NextGen Gaming and COO NYX Gaming Group. 

Education: –

Shares: –

Warrants/Share options: 155,000 share options.

Fiona Ewins-Brown

Hired 1 September 2015. Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO)

Born: 1973

Other assignments: –

Previous assignments: HR Director Catena Media, Human Resources Director and Talent Management Director at GFI Software Development Ltd. Human Resources Director at Morgan Stanley.

Education: Human Resources Management, Seaforth College of TAFE and Charles Sturt University.

Shares: 75,417

Warrants/Share options: 152,222 share options.