Executive Management

Per Hellberg

Hired 4 June 2018. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Born: 1968

Other assignments: Chairman of the Board in Readly International AB.

Previous assignments: CEO Readly International AB and Readly AB.

Education: Strategic Marketing, RMI Berghs School of Communications.

Shares: 70,000

Warrants/Share options: 300,000 share options.

Erik Edeen

Hired 7 January 2019. Interim Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Born: 1984

Other assignments: –.

Previous assignments: More than 12 years of experience from interim positions as CFO and Head of Finance/Head of Business Controlling in privately owned and publicly traded corporations, such as ICA Gruppen AB (publ.) and Investor AB (publ.). Most recently as Group CFO for a European IT company.

Education: Master of Business Economics from Uppsala University. Executive Education at Harvard Business School.

Shares: –.

Warrants/Share options: –.


Åsa Hillsten

Hired 8 January 2018. Head of IR & Corporate Communications

Born: 1975

Other assignments:  Board Member of eEducation Albert AB (E-tech).

Previous assignments: Chief Communication Officer & IR, Collector AB.

Education: Business Economy, IHM Business School and Strategic Brand Management, IHM Business School.

Shares: -.

Warrants/Share options: 140,000 share options.

Johannes Bergh

Hired 12 January 2017. Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Born: 1969

Other assignments: Chairman of the board – Codesign AB. Chairman of the board – IPQ AB.

Previous assignments: Chief Executive Officer Rewir AB, Chief Brand Officer Flir Systems Inc.

Education: Harvard Business School, RMI Berghs, Stockholm University.

Shares: 5,392

Warrants/Share options: 230,000 share options.



Louise Wendel

Hired 5 September 2016. Head of Legal

Born: 1975

Previous assignments: Head of Legal at Fyndiq AB and Head of Legal at Svensk Fastighetsförmedling AB.

Education: Masters of Laws LLM, Lund University.


Warrants/Share options: 62,368 share options and 15,500 warrants.