Information regarding the Covid-19 virus

Due to the recent spreading of the Covid-19 virus, Catena Media has instituted some safeguards in connection with the annual general meeting to be held on the 15th of May 2020. 

The original plan to hold the annual general meeting in Malta is revised and the meeting will instead be held in Stockholm at Tändstickspalatset, Västra Trädgårdgatan 15, Stockholm. 

Shareholders should carefully consider the possibility of participating via a proxy or agent. Shareholders who display any symptoms of illness or have been to a risk zone, or belong to a risk group, are strongly encouraged to avail themselves of this option. A proxy form can be downloaded from LINK.

External guests are not being invited.

No refreshments will be served before or during the meeting.

Follow the announcements and recommendations of the public health authorities where you are located. For Sweden, this is Folkhälsomyndigheten.

The continued spreading of Covid-19 and its effects continue to be difficult to predict with any certainty, and Catena Media is following events closely. If further safety precautions must be taken regarding the annual general meeting, this information will be published on the company’s website at